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Creating Expressions of Confidence

Welcome to Spinelli Dental, where our focus is on providing you with exceptional general and cosmetic dentistry to keep you healthy and looking and feeling your best. We want you to smile with confidence.

Our skilled, considerate professionals take excellent care of you at Spinelli Dental so that your experience in our beautiful facility is pleasant and comfortable as well as productive. Whether you've come in to receive expert periodic teeth cleaning as part of your smart health regimen, to remedy a difficulty that's impacting your daily life, or to make a positive change to your smile that you've been eagerly anticipating, we want you to succeed in achieving your goal and leave Spinelli Dental feeling your best.

We invite you to enjoy the amenities we offer, such as hand paraffin treatment, as you relax before your appointment. Then explore the little shops and cafes in our neighborhood, the Twelve Corners in Brighton, as you depart Spinelli Dental—rejuvenated, refreshed, and smiling with confidence.

Dr. Glen Spinelli adeptly combines science, art, expertise, and experience to give you the smile and performance you want. He uses state-of-the-art technology and ageless care. He helps keep smiles healthy by regularly conducting oral health screenings. By performing restorative services, such as providing implants, he returns focus to life and living, instead of worry about teeth form and function. He can make a change to your smile that you've been hoping to make—such as changing the shape of your teeth with porcelain veneers, straightening your teeth with Invisalign®, or whitening them with Philips Zoom®—so you have the smile you've dreamed of having.

Read what our patients say about Spinelli Dental and see before and after photos here.

If you'd like, explore our welcome desk to learn details about our practice. Check out our patient resources to see articles that Dr. Glen recommends. And of course, please contact us. We look forward to seeing your smile and getting to meet you.

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